Bellevue-Wechsler Scales or Wechsler Scales

The Bellevue-Wechsler scales are a set of intelligence tests first developed by the Romanian-american psychologist David Wechsler, who worked as a psychologist at Bellevue Hospital Center in New York for several decades. The scales were in part created as an alternative to the original Binet scales, which Wechsler criticized for focusing solely on verbal skills, as well as not being suited for people of all ages. Wechsler’s tests include both verbal and performance scales.

The different versions of the test include The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence and
Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence.


Source: Kaplan, R. M.; Saccuzzo, D. P. (2009). Psychological testing: Principles, applications, and issues (7th ed.). (pp. 254-265). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth.