Logotherapy is a branch of psychotherapy founded on the belief that the most powerful motivating drive in humans is the search for meaning in life. The principles of logotherapy are:

-Meaning can be found in one’s life in all circumstances, even in miserable circumstances.
-Man’s main motivation to live is to find meaning in his life.
-Man is free to seek and find meaning in everything he does, and in everything he experiences.

Logotherapy was developed by Viktor Frankl, an Austrian neurologist, psychiatrist, and Holocaust survivor. According to Frankl, meaning can be discovered in three ways:

(1) By creating something or by doing a deed
(2) By experiencing something or by encountering someone
(3) By the attitudes a person takes toward unavoidable suffering

Using the principles of logotherapy, humans are called upon to bring forth the best in themselves and in the world by perceiving and creating meaning in each and every situation.


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