Theories of Learning

Some of the main theories of learning are:

Behaviourist: the behaviourist approach assumes that learning can be understood within a stimulus-response framework.

Cognitivist: the cognitivist approach utilizes an information-processing view of learning, and on stratgeies for learning based on findings in cognitive science.

Humanist: this approach focuses more on the person, its challenges, wishes and its individual development.

Constructivist: this approach focuses on the assumption that learning is a process in which new knowledge is added to previous knowledge, and thus takes into account the influence of previously learned knowledge on how new information is understood.

Social constructivist: This approach takes into account that people live and learn in social groups, and that learning is best understood within a sociocultural context.

Critical emancipatory: In this approach, the focus is on the empowering nature of learning and knowledge for people in situations of oppression and socioeconomic division.